IAM starts to commercialize IP

IAM consultants goes into its first attempt to commercialize IP.  The first to entrust commercialization to IAM consultants is a lithuanian start-up, called ‘Integrated Optics‘. A manufacturer of novel laser sources and integrated optical devices, Integrated Optics develops its original manufacturing technique for assembly of micro optical components. A result of start-up’s effort are 10x smaller and almost 2x cheaper lasers as compared to competition, including chinese photonics’ companies.

‘We are proud of having such start-up in our homeland and will certainly do most in order to get fast ans signifficant return on the intellectual property created.’ – states IAM’s CEO Evaldas Pabreza.

IAM consultants will participate in both stages – protection of Integrated Optics’ inventions and commercialization. Thus consistency and solid strategy should be achieved throughout all commercialization campaign. In return for its effort, IAM consultants will own an amount of the start-up’s shares, which is not to be disclosed at the moment.

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