First Case of Technology Commercialization

Patent prosection and technical writing company ‘IAM consultants’ goes into its first case of patent commercialization. IAM is particularly strong in technical communication of laser-related technologies and inventions, thus naturally the first company to become a customer in patent commercialization is a laser start-up, called Integrated Optics.

‘Integrated Optics’ is a company founded by two laser professionals in Lithuania. Patenting and prototyping is now the key priority of the company. With help of professionals from patent drafting division at IAM consultants, also known as Idea Protection, Integrated Optics has already filed two priority patent applications. Two more are in the drafting stage at the moment.

Patenting, prototyping, investment

A roadmap of company development is already set. In parallel to patenting, the IO team already started prototyping of novel laser concepts. Key directions of technology development span towards exotic wavelengths and ultra-short laser pulses. After first prototypes will be finished, the company expects to enter into first round of investment. Despite initial technology development is planned at least a half-year ahead, discussions with potential investors have already started. Two venture capital funds and several private investors already expressed their interest. Nevertheless, IO partners are planning to participate in number of international events and pitch their business plan in front of foreign investors.

Laser Patent

Valuable technologies require proper representation. Smaller and cheaper lasers are always desired, but revolutinary technologies and optical concepts are not created daily. The process of understanding and evaluating inventions can be complicated and might require comprehensive explanations, even for persons skilled in the art. Because of that and several other reasons, IAM consultants have launched a separate website under the domain name In this website, all laser-related patents and commercial cases will be described as to provide consistent and clear picture of the novel technology and its benefits.

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