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First Case of Technology Commercialization

Patent prosection and technical writing company ‘IAM consultants’ goes into its first case of patent commercialization. IAM is particularly strong in technical communication of laser-related technologies and inventions, thus naturally the first company to become a customer in patent commercialization is a laser start-up, called Integrated Optics. ‘Integrated Optics’ is a company founded by two […]

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IAM starts to commercialize IP

IAM consultants goes into its first attempt to commercialize IP.  The first to entrust commercialization to IAM consultants is a lithuanian start-up, called ‘Integrated Optics‘. A manufacturer of novel laser sources and integrated optical devices, Integrated Optics develops its original manufacturing technique for assembly of micro optical components. A result of start-up’s effort are 10x […]

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Participated in Start-Up Monthly Vilnius

April 14th-16th we have participated in the startup event, organized by Vilnius HUB co-working space and Startup Monthly team from Silicon Valley, Palo Alto. During the event we have consulted strat-upers regarding protection of intellectual property. This is very important to do before pitching the idea to venture capitalist and potential partners. We have also […]

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Established in the Sunrise Valley

IAM continuosly seeks better science and business cooperation by facilitating technical creativity, patenting and it also seeks to develop good technical writing traditions in Lithuania and abroad. Our new premises are inside the technology park called Sunrise Valley. It is established close to two major universities of Lithuania – Vilnius Gedminas Technical University and Vilnius […]

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New blog on Patent Cost

Following countless requests from our customers we have initiated a new blog about Patent Costs, which will help inventors to plan their patenting budget,as well as it will propose ways reducing and distributing risks in time. http://patentcost.co.uk/ Enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to ask specific questions on patent cost.

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